Faculty members:


Dr. Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang, research interests: data mining, geoinformatics, and data warehousing

Hari Agung Adrianto, M.Kom , research interests: data mining, geoinformatics, and data warehousing

Annisa, M.Kom , research interests: data mining, data warehousing, and temporal database

Postgraduate students:

  • Annisa Puspa Kirana, research topic: Spatio Temporal Clustering on hotspots data in peatland in Sumatera using Poisson Clustering
  • Isnan Syaiful Robby, research topic:Spatio-temporal prediction for hotspot occurrences using ARIMA and Elman Recurrent Neural Network in peatland in Sumatera
  • Putri Thariqa, research topic: Burn peatland classification using spatial decision tree based on Spatial Autocorelation
  • Sergi Roseli, research topic: Co-location pattern mining on hotspots data as fire indicators in pealtland in Sumatera
  • Sodik Kirono, research topic: Spatio-temporal sequential pattern mining for predicting hotspos occurrences in peatland in Sumatera
  • Ulfa Khaira, research topic: Detection and prediction peatland cover changes using Support Vector Machine and Hidden Markov Model SVM
  • Aji Primajaya, research topic: Visualization of Spatial Decision Tree for Predicting Hotspot Occurrence in Land and Forest
  • Muhammad Usman, research topic: Changing Hotspot Distribution based on Peatland Characteristics using Density-based Spatial Clustering Approach
  • Prima Trie Wijaya, research topic: Density based Clustering on Hotspot Data with Road and Rives as Obstacle in Peatland in Sumatera