Pendaftaran Air Liquide Future Ready Data Challenge Telah Dibuka

Do you love to work on data and test out those theories you have learnt in university? Do you want to pit yourself against the best Student Data Scientists in the region? If the above describes you, then this competition is for you! This competition is open to all college students from participating universities located in Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Challenge #1: Predict the electrical consumption of a production plant using process parameters such as temperature and production flows

Challenge #2: Predict the liquefied gas consumption of our bulk customers using past consumption and features such as market, localization, turnover and external data

All participants can join one challenge or both. You will get training data for your own algorithm and then a dataset on which we will measure your predictions (compared to actual data). The outcome is to have a working prototype of algorithm (software) and your final prediction that can help showcase/plan your idea.

Hadiah pertama: Perjalanan 5 hari ke Paris
Hadiah kedua: Macbook Pro 13″ SSD 128 GB
Hadiah Ketiga: Drone DJI Phantom 3 SE

1. Mahasiswa Departemen Ilmu Komputer, Statistika, atau Matematika.
2. Menggunakan alamat email saat mendaftar.
3. Kompetisi bersifat perseorangan.

Pendaftaran dapat dilakukan di:

Format PDF: Future Ready Data Challenge – launch announcement

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